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World glaucoma patient associations: a road less travelled by health professionals and patients alike
by Geoff Pollard (Australia).
6th World Glaucoma Congress 2015, Hong Kong.
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Other Videos

Philippine Glaucoma Society – Awareness videos

Professor Geoffrey Raisman talking about Glaucoma and his research into curing this debilitating disease.
A video by the UK Stem Cell Foundation.

Thai Glaucoma Society has launched a clip for glaucoma awareness to alert the people how important glaucoma is and how much it affects your loved ones.
English and Chinese subtitles are also provided with hope that this clip could connect with everyone around the world.
Family members are not the burden for you. Take good care of them or your loved ones by bringing them up to have their eyes checked to prevent blindness from glaucoma.

It’s a first! MKR vs MasterChef
The BIG Breakfast Battle!
We’ve brought the two blockbuster TV shows together for a much anticipated show down.
And its all to launch the BIG Breakfast campaign to raise funds and awareness for Glaucoma Australia.
Register to hold your own BIG Breakfast at

Factores de riesgo del glaucoma
En la Semana del Glaucoma, es importante tener en cuenta cuáles son los principales factores de riesgo de esta enfermedad y, más importante aún, saber que la única manera de diagnoticarla a tiempo y adelantar un tratamiento para prevenir la ceguera causada por el glaucoma, es teniendo controles regulares con un médico oftalmólogo. Video of risk factors of glaucoma made by Glaucoma Colombia for world Glaucoma Week 2015.

Don’t Let Glaucoma Darken Your World
Glaucoma restricts your field of vision. Slowly, the patient sees narrower and narrower. At the onset of glaucoma, the patient usually will not notice any symptoms. Without treatment, the disease will eventually cause blindness. Glaucoma can afflict everyone. However, the risk is much greater in people over the age of 60 or with family history of glaucoma. Early detection and treatment can halt or slow down visual loss.
A video by The Royal College of Ophthalmologists of Thailand.

The World Glaucoma Association (WGA) and World Glaucoma Patient Association (WGPA) are very grateful for this contribution by the Yvonne Nelson Foundation towards worldwide prevention of blindness due to Glaucoma.

Video on Glaucoma Awareness presented by The Glaucoma Service Foundation at Wills Eye Institute. Guests are George Spaeth, Marlene Moster and Michael Pro. Radnor Studio 21 filmed the show.

Glaucoma – The Silent Thief
Doucumentary (English)

A video on glaucoma by the Montreal Jewish general hospital in French (“je fais du glaucome”) and English (“I have glaucoma”).

A video “Learning about glaucoma”, presented by the Glaucoma Service Foundation.

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