Media kit 2017

The following tools have been created to assist you in organizing
your WGW-2017 event:

  1. Official press release of WGW 2015.
  2. WGW-2017 leaderboard banner Leaderboard banner (728x90px) for promotion on website, e-mail signature, etc.
  3. WGW-2017 medium rectangle banner Medium rectangle banner (300x250px) for promotion on website, e-mail signature, etc
  4. WGW-2017 Logo (JPG, PSD), also available in: Polish. Use PSD file to translate the WGW logo to your own language. Please send us a copy
  5. WGW-2017 Theme Download the png or esp file, also available in Polish. Designed by Willem Driebergen
  6. Official WGW-2017 Big Breakfast Poster (print)
  7. WGW-2017 Bookmark (printfile)
  8. General information on glaucoma in Spanish

Find more inspiration, ideas and valuable downloads on the Activity Ideas page.


until World Glaucoma Week 2017
March 12–18, 2017




Great World #Glaucoma Week badges coming from The World Medical Center in Bangkok! #WGW2016

8:20AMSun: It's incurable & is the #2 cause of blindness. @glaucomaweek starts soon. What you need to know to protect yourself. #cbcmb. Retweeted by World Glaucoma Week