WGW committee

Harry Abutiate (GH), Ellen Ancker (SA), Maria Carrasco (AR), Jillia Bird (AG), Paul Chew (SG), Scott R. Christensen (US), Helen Danesh-Meyer (NZ), Robert Fechtner (US, Ex Officio EVP), R. Dolgoff (US), Dan Gaton (IL), Ivan Goldberg (AU, co-chair), Paul Healey (AU, co-chair), Esther Hoffman (DE), Fabio Kanadani (BR), Yoshi Kitazawa (JP), Yves Lachkar (FR), George Lambrou (GR, executive vice-chair), Michael Miller (UK), Robert Ritch (US, co-chair), G.C. Sekhar (ID), Tarek Shaarawy (CH, co-chair), Remo Susanna (BR) John Thygesen (DK), Tetsuya Yamamoto (JP)

WGA contact

Mariska van der Veen:

WGPA contact

Jillia Bird:

Website contact

Dries Brandsma:

Regional coordinators

Region Coordinator(s) E-mail
Asia-Pacific Paul Healey
Ivan Goldberg
Caribbean Jillia Bird
Europe George Lambrou
Japan Tetsuya Yamamoto
Latin America Maria Carrasco
North Africa &
Middle East
Tarek Shaarawy
Sub-Saharan Africa Harry Abutiate
US & Canada Scott Christensen
Robert Ritch

National and Local WGW coordinator
How will coordinators be able to assist you in joining WGW?

Your coordinator represents the WGW Committee and has an overview of the activities organized in their region/country. They will be able to assist you with:

  • being a central contact point for local WGW participants (health care institutions, patient organizations, individual doctors)
  • being the WGW ambassador to the national authorities i.e. for official requests for auspices, official recognition, etc.
  • liaise with other professional organizations (e.g. opticians, optometrists, pharmacists) for joint awareness activities
  • liaise with industry to ensure transparency of sponsoring
  • provide information to the WGW committee on events organized in the country


until World Glaucoma Week 2018
March 11–17, 2018




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