until World Glaucoma Week 2018
March 11–17, 2018




Get inspired for your own World Glaucoma Week activity by the amazing “Light Up in Green” campaign from Japan #wgw2018 #glaucoma pic.twitter.com/3pNVsGtwBM

World Glaucoma Week 2018: Plan & Prepare, visit wgwweek.net to register your activity and download the media kit to promote the week in your community #glaucoma #wgw2018

"Glaucoma is a silent thief of sight"- this #wgw2017 our Head of Eye @DrNtomoka talks about the disease & prevention ccbrt.or.tz/news/blog/eye/… pic.twitter.com/va2w5Py0se Retweeted by World Glaucoma Week

Our Scottish staff and volunteers on the road with the #VisionVan in Glasgow and Edinburgh #WGW2017 #glaucoma @VisionExpress pic.twitter.com/kjVfpCMvFt Retweeted by World Glaucoma Week

DYK? #glaucoma can be spotted up to eight years before any sight loss is experienced. Regular eye tests are essential healthchecks #wgw2017 pic.twitter.com/5DBOvgxzuX Retweeted by World Glaucoma Week

It’s #WorldGlaucomaWeek, so we’re shining a light on the “silent thief” of sight. pic.twitter.com/J24fDHnRd2 Retweeted by World Glaucoma Week