The World Glaucoma Patient Association

The WGPA had its official start with the encouragement of and under the auspices of the World Glaucoma Association (known at the time as the Association of International Glaucoma Societies ) in October 2004. The inaugural meeting, which took place in New Orleans, USA, was joined by glaucoma patients, national support group representatives, world-renowned ophthalmologists and individuals from full-service glaucoma foundations as well as by key attendees from ophthalmic pharmaceutical firms.

The Mission statement that was subsequently formulated is the following:

WGPA exists to better the lives of glaucoma patients by encouraging the establishment of and cooperation among Glaucoma Patient Organizations worldwide.

This statement emphasizes that:

  • The WGPA is designed to assist glaucoma patients in managing the disease that is silently stealing the eyesight of so many; and that
  • Its mandate is to act as an umbrella or framework to dispense useful information to individuals, health care providers and support-type bodies that are devoting their efforts to the fight against glaucoma.

For more information visit the WGPA website.


until World Glaucoma Week 2018
March 11–17, 2018




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