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FST 344 (Follistatin 344) is a protein that acts as an antagonist to myostatin, a molecule known to inhibit muscle growth. By blocking myostatin, FST 344 promotes muscle hypertrophy and regeneration, making it of interest in both medical research and athletic communities for its potential benefits in muscle building and recovery.

LeoLab peptide shop offers FST 344 in convenient 1mg vials, making it accessible for those looking to explore its muscle-enhancing properties.



FST 344 (Follistatin 344) is a glycoprotein involved in various biological processes, most notably in the inhibition of myostatin and other members of the TGF-β superfamily. Myostatin is a protein that restricts muscle growth, and by antagonizing it, FST 344 promotes muscle hypertrophy and regeneration. This makes FST 344 of significant interest in medical research, particularly in areas related to muscle-wasting diseases, sarcopenia, and conditions requiring enhanced muscle growth and repair. Additionally, it has garnered attention in sports and fitness communities for its potential to aid in muscle building and athletic performance.

FST 344 is also implicated in other biological functions, including the regulation of reproductive processes and cellular growth, suggesting its role in broader physiological contexts. Its ability to modulate various signaling pathways makes it a promising candidate for therapeutic applications beyond muscle development, such as in metabolic regulation and tissue repair.

LeoLab peptide shop offers FST 344 in 1mg vials, ensuring easy access for researchers and enthusiasts. Each vial from LeoLab is guaranteed to be of 99% purity, with quality and purity verified by third-party laboratories. This high level of purity and rigorous verification ensures that users receive a reliable and effective product, suitable for various experimental and practical applications.


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