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GHK-CU is a potent peptide known for promoting weight loss by enhancing fat metabolism, increasing lean muscle mass, and improving insulin sensitivity. LeoLab peptide shop offers GHK-CU in 50mg vials, ensuring 99% purity verified by third-party testing.


GHK-CU, or Glycyl-L-Histidyl-L-Lysine Copper, is a naturally occurring copper peptide that has gained recognition for its wide range of health benefits, including its potential to promote weight loss. This peptide is composed of three amino acids—glycine, histidine, and lysine—combined with a copper ion. GHK-CU is notable for its regenerative properties and is widely studied for its roles in skin health, wound healing, and tissue repair. Recently, its impact on metabolic health and weight management has also become a focal point of research.

Weight Loss Function

GHK-CU’s potential in promoting weight loss is attributed to its multifaceted effects on the body’s metabolic processes:

  1. Regulation of Fat Metabolism: GHK-CU enhances the body’s ability to metabolize fats by increasing the expression of genes involved in lipid metabolism. This leads to more efficient fat breakdown and utilization, which is crucial for weight loss.
  2. Promotion of Lean Muscle Mass: By supporting tissue repair and muscle regeneration, GHK-CU helps increase lean muscle mass. More muscle mass contributes to a higher basal metabolic rate (BMR), meaning the body burns more calories at rest, which aids in weight management.
  3. Improved Insulin Sensitivity: GHK-CU has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity, allowing cells to better utilize glucose. Improved glucose metabolism reduces fat storage and promotes energy balance, which is essential for weight loss.
  4. Reduction of Inflammation: Chronic inflammation is a known contributor to weight gain and metabolic dysfunction. GHK-CU has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce systemic inflammation, thus supporting healthier metabolism and weight loss efforts.
  5. Enhancement of Mitochondrial Function: Mitochondria are the energy powerhouses of cells, and their efficient function is vital for metabolism and energy expenditure. GHK-CU supports mitochondrial health and function, leading to increased energy production and improved fat oxidation.
  6. Appetite Regulation: Emerging research suggests that GHK-CU may influence the regulation of appetite and satiety hormones, helping to control food intake and reduce the tendency for overeating.
  7. Antioxidant Effects: As a potent antioxidant, GHK-CU helps combat oxidative stress, which is linked to metabolic disorders and weight gain. By neutralizing free radicals, GHK-CU supports overall metabolic health and aids in weight management.

Availability at LeoLab

LeoLab, a reputable provider of high-quality peptides, offers GHK-CU in convenient 50mg vials. Each vial of GHK-CU from LeoLab is guaranteed to have 99% purity, ensuring that users receive a product that is both potent and free from contaminants. The purity of GHK-CU is verified by third-party laboratories, providing an added layer of assurance and reliability for researchers and users alike.

LeoLab’s dedication to quality makes it a trusted source for those interested in exploring the benefits of GHK-CU for weight loss and overall health. The peptide is intended for research and educational purposes, catering to scientific researchers and individuals seeking advanced solutions for metabolic health and weight management.

In summary, GHK-CU is a powerful peptide that offers significant benefits for weight loss through its effects on fat metabolism, muscle growth, and metabolic health. With its availability in 50mg vials from LeoLab, and a guarantee of 99% purity, GHK-CU presents a reliable and effective option for those looking to improve their body composition and support their weight loss journey.


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